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With the CUBEMixer we created a real time multipurpose mixing and mastering tool for multichannel speakersystems or binaural rendering in the 3DAudio domain. The mixingsystem with integrated roomsimulation possibilities is written in the graphical programming language PureData.

Current release: CUBEmixer 2.0

Released Nov 20, 2007 — tested with 2D Ambisonics, 3D Ambisonics

Intermediate Release for special purposes, depreciated for new installs. update for MADI-Cards (64 I/O channels) and additional features like RRR etc. internal migration to OSC Synthax of parameters and controls (not compatible to CUBEmixer 1.0) !!! Binaural rendering basic support added

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Get CUBEmixer for All platforms (9.0 MB)

CUBEmixer 2.0 Sources

Experimental releases

Upcoming and alpha/beta/candidate releases

  • Alpha releases should only be used for testing and development.
  • Beta releases and Release Candidates are normally released for production testing, but should not be used on mission-critical sites.
  • Always install on a separate test server first, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.
CUBEmixer 3.0 (Release candidate) Released Jan 12, 2012
most important: Updated for full OSC compatibility new DSP-Engine structure for configurable channels counts and Ambisonics order Decoder Matrix Generator

Project Description

Project resources

I was orginally designed to be used for performances as spatialisationsystem and 3DAudio mastering application but can also be used for virtual acoutics for dry rooms.


key features:

  • Ambisonics decoder und encoder for 2D and 2D hemispheres and full spheres
  • configurable channel and I/O count
  • additional parallel bus-mixer and matrix-mixer
  • full featured input channel strips
  • parallel user interfaces: multiple GUIs, standalone applications OSC, MIDI
  • dynamic parameter handling system
  • Settings and parameter stored and recalled also on filesystem.
  • RRR (Room in Room Reverberation) System for virtual acoustics implementations
  • audiofile recorder and player functionalities in discrete and/or Ambisonics domain.
  • streaming funcionalities (ogg, OSC, ...)
  • Extensionssystem for various applications
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