Welcome to the Ambisonics Symposium 2009

June 25-27, 2009 at the IEM in Graz/AUSTRIA


The Ambisonics Symposium 2009 has been a success!

The Ambisonics Symposium was held  June 25-27, 2009 at the IEM in Graz, AUSTRIA [Symposium Flyer, pdf].

The symposium is dedicated to discussing the various problems and solutions concerning spherical sound field analysis and re-synthesis (Higher Order Ambisonics). Furthermore, strategies and  guidelines for the exchange and distribution of Ambisonics encoded material shall be discussed with a focus on potential standardisation.


Contributions on the following topics are highly desirable:

  • New Ambisonics playback strategies for sound scene reproduction
  • Spherical microphone arrays
  • Analysis and capture of directional sound sources
  • Synthesis of directional and focused sound sources
  • Virtual acoustics via headphones
  • Standardisation, exchange, implementation and hardware issues
  • Theoretical considerations on comparative subjective and objective studies
  • Generalisation and theory
  • ...

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