produced for "Hören ist nicht sehen" CD Graz 2007

  • digital 12ch spatialized with higher order Ambisonics (4th order).

A hash function is any well-defined procedure or mathematical function which converts a large, possibly variable-sized amount of data into a small datum, usually a single integer that may serve as an index into an array.

With this work a recording of 13 hours from a rucksack, during a travel trough a foreign country was cutted into small pieces of most significant contents and contructed together as a sort of Hash of the piece, but the rythmical structure sometimes comes more significant, than content. The "L" stands for the specific country, but can be anywhere.

mixed for the IEM-CUBE, 7min


Winfried Ritsch

Winfried Ritsch, works since 1989 as a professor on the IEM Graz, acts as an mediaartist, Member of Artists Group{sf Fond }, TONTO in Graz. director of the "Medienkunstlabor Graz". Works in AudioArt, radioart and Interactive Computersystems in Installations. and programmer for free software in this fields.